August 29, 2018

White Collar Crimes & Fraud

White Collar Crime Fraud

White Collar Crimes & Fraud

The Williams Law Firm has defended individuals and companies who have been charged with or are under investigation for a plethora of white collar crimes. In addition to defense, this firm works with senior executives and boards of directors who suspect that their company may have compliance problems or who suspect that their company may be under criminal investigation.

The Williams Law Firm handles high profile criminal defense cases of all types. White collar crimes typically require an understanding of complex financial information and transactional processes across state and national borders. This firm has both the resources to manage document-intensive business cases, as well as access to a network of financial experts and investigators to maximize your chances of prevailing.

Types of White Collar Criminal Charges

  • Securities Fraud / Insider Trading: This is an evolving area where new federal prosecution strategies are continually developing. We see an increasing number of indictments for market timing trades (buying after market has closed), insider trading, investment schemes, and telemarketing fraud.
  • Bank Fraud: Embezzlement, larceny, forgery, money laundering, check kiting schemes, wire fraud, and mail fraud with criminal charges subsumed under federal depositor banking laws.
  • Insurance Fraud: Filing false or fraudulent claims, phony auto accidents, arson or other destruction of property in order to file an insurance claim, or conspiracy to commit fraud.
  • Mortgage Fraud: Land flips, home flipping, shell games, loans in bogus names, fraudulent signatures on mortgages as first or second guarantors.
  • Tax Fraud: Misrepresentation of financial status.
  • Health Care Fraud: Medicaid fraud and Medicare theft, fraudulent billing schemes, dental fraud, billing for services not performed, mischaracterization of medical services rendered, conflict of interest referrals to companies with which the doctor or clinic has a financial relationship.
  • Credit Card Fraud and Identity Theft: Credit card schemes, shell business entities, opening credit accounts using stolen or fraudulent information or a false identity, stolen social security numbers, telemarketing fraud, fraudulent use of a credit card.
  • Pyramid and Ponzi Schemes: Establishing a business in which early investors or adopters reap rewards while later investors are guaranteed to lose money.
  • Business Crimes: Industrial espionage and violation of import/export regulations.
  • Money Laundering/Structured Transactions: Structured transactions, failure to comply with State-mandated disclosures and registrations including security law violations.

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